Taylor Swift Just Obliterated Spider-Man’s All-Time Presale Ticket Record. Could She Mastermind Her Way Into Starting A Movies Trend?


Taylor Swift is no stranger to breaking records. She just became the first female artist to hit 100 million monthly Spotify listeners, and her Eras Tour is on track to become the biggest tour of all time. At this point, the pop princess is practically unstoppable. However, she’s not quite done breaking records, and this time, she smashing one within the movie world. Swift announced that her Eras Tour concert film will be getting a theatrical release in October, and it just broke AMC’s record for presale tickets, surpassing Spider-Man: No Way Home. Now, this has me wondering, could this start a trend for concert films? 

According to a press release by AMC Theaters, Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour set a record for advanced ticket sales for the company. The movie had the highest ever single-day advance ticket sales revenue, after the announcement Thursday morning that the movie would have a cinematic release. The film generated $26 million in ticket-sales revenue on Thursday, which broke Spider-Man: No Way Home’s $16.9 million record. Even more impressive, the concert film broke the record within three hours of being announced. 

Taylor Swift performing on The Eras Tour

(Image credit: Disney+/Taylor Swift)

These are absolutely astounding numbers, truly showing the strength of Swift’s reach and fanbase. These numbers are on par with a major blockbuster film release, proving that putting The Eras Tour in theaters made financial sense for AMC. Audiences love an event film. We saw this during the summer with Barbie and Oppenheimer, whose event marketing helped the two films achieve incredibly strong box office numbers. The concert film currently only has four dates available, however, this could be extended considering the presale success for the existing dates. 

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