Invasion Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Chasing Ghosts


There was no relief at being home for Jamila and Trevante.

That’s because both were still haunted by not knowing the fate of Casper on Invasion Season 2 Episode 2.

It’s a shame since Jamila and Trevante went through so much to return to their families.

Jamila was one of the standout characters of Invasion Season 1, the most mature among her classmates who were stranded when their bus crashed on the day of the invasion.

She befriended the sickly, oft-bullied Casper, who had been crushing on her. They grew closer throughout the invasion crisis.

Jamila was skeptical about what Casper said about his connection to the aliens. But in the season finale, Casper used his abilities to fend off an alien attack on the hospital where they were housed. But Casper’s fate was left up in the air at the end of last season.

After seeing Casper in action, Jamila felt he could be an effective weapon against the invaders. Also, his voice appears in her dreams, leading her to believe he’s reaching out to her.

So it was little wonder that Jamila was discontented despite having reunited with her nurse mother at that same hospital. She was short on sleep and missing the boy who had become her best friend.

Jamila’s mother chalked up her visions about Casper as only her processing her grief over his death. Jamila couldn’t get her to believe about Casper’s connections to the aliens.

It wasn’t surprising the headstrong Jamila struck out on her own, heading back to London, which had become a restricted zone.

Also, it was no shock that some of the tactics used by the military against the aliens ended up rendering some areas uninhabitable, as the flyers dropped to people illustrated.

She boldly made her way to the wartorn capital, even outrunning soldiers who eventually gave up chasing her and instead left her a gas mask to protect herself.

Once at the hospital, she determined that Casper’s body wasn’t in the morgue; instead, he had been transferred to Paris by the military.

It was entertaining to see that the rest of Casper and Jamila’s classmates hadn’t just been written out. Jamila ran into Alfie and Darwin at what appeared to be a refugee camp.

They didn’t buy her theories about Casper because they hadn’t seen what he could do. But they did agree to go with her to Paris to support her.

What are the odds that when the trio broke into a house looking for a car, it was Monty’s home? His precocious sister Penny was an absolute hoot. Also, we got to see a tender side of Monty.

Of course, they joined the others heading to Paris. But with Monty’s iffy driving skills, they won’t be outrunning anybody.

Also unable to leave Casper and the war behind was Trevante Cole. He was now staying at his sister’s home after his wife left because she couldn’t handle his PTSD.

Trevante lost his unit, then Casper. It’s little wonder that he was having trouble adjusting to civilian life. 

His eyes would go to the sky, looking for aliens. Then he rescued his nephew and blew up at him, which quickly killed the party.

Trevante ended up the keeper of Casper’s notebook. He had been researching the drawings inside it using whatever time he could get on the local computer bank.

Trevante couldn’t catch a break. He got a line on a site in Oklahoma resembling Casper’s drawing. But when he returned home, his sister kicked him out because she agreed with his wife that he couldn’t leave the war behind.

So he headed west. Once he hit Oklahoma, his hunch was proven correct, as the military had set up a barricade around the site he had come to investigate.

Trevante was definitely back in his element as he redonned his fatigues. He was off to infiltrate the fenced-in area using his skill set.

Was anyone surprised there was a military compound inside? That reveal continued the storyline of the military being as much of a threat as the aliens themselves. Aneesha and her family were on the run from the military, which had killed Ahmed. Then, a Canadian unit captured them briefly on Invasion Season 1 Episode 1.

Give Trevante credit for the way he came into the compound. He just walked in and declared himself a transfer. Being the military, it could take weeks for his lie to be uncovered.

Unfortunately, he named a base that had been closed, which he had no way of knowing. That had soldiers on the outlook for him.

The site for which Trevante was searching must have yielded something useful. How else could those weird creatures inside the test tubes in the lab he found have come from?

Unfortunately, one of these beings spooked Trevante, and he stumbled around the lab, causing noise that brought the soldiers looking for him running. The upshot is that he’s locked up in the local jail, which means the police are also in on this secret mission.

Is Casper still alive?

Were you glad Jamila’s classmates returned?

What’s going on at the compound that Trevante found?

Comment below.

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