Jeopardy! Insider Claims People Are Not Happy After Ken Jennings Took Over For Mayim Bialik During Writer’s Strike


Ever since Jeopardy! fans believed that either Ken Jennings or Mayim Bialik would be named the quiz show’s one true host following Alex Trebek’s death (and plenty of other drama), a debate has raged over who is more deserving of the title. Even after EP Michael Davies named them permanent co-hosts, people are still weighing in on who they like better. Now, there may be additional fodder for the discourse, and it has to do with people allegedly being upset about Jennings taking over for Bialik amid the WGA writer’s strike.

When the Writers Guild of America went on strike May 2, Mayim Bialik announced that she would be stepping away from Jeopardy! for the remainder of its season to stand in solidarity with the writers. The decision was made to go ahead with the production of the final episodes, and Ken Jennings was called back to host. RadarOnline reports that this move prompted some to call the Jeopardy! GOAT an “opportunist,” saying he has “showed his true colors” by taking her place during the strike. According to the source: 

It’s one thing for a crew member who can’t afford to quit to keep coming to work — but he’s getting a fat paycheck.

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