Fast X: How The Transporter, James Bond, And Jason Momoa’s Toenail Paint Prepared Louis Leterrier For The Job Of A Lifetime


Louis Leterrier woke up one morning while on location in Rome, turned on the television set, and was shocked by the report leading the broadcast. Leterrier and his Fast X stunt crew had just completed a spectacular stunt sequence that involved rolling a one-ton ball through the streets of Rome… using far more practical effects than many would expect. But even though the Mayor of Rome had given Leterrier the keys to the city and encouraged them to film wherever they needed to, there was one set of Spanish steps the crew could not use. They were too fragile for a Hollywood close up, prompting the director and his team to recreate the steps on a backlot in London in order to get the footage that they needed. 

So imagine Louis Leterrier’s shock when he turned on the news in Rome to find out that the very next day after they’d completed filming, someone drove a car down those same Spanish steps, creating all sorts of damage. The director, replaying this story to CinemaBlend’s official ReelBlend podcast, was very quick to deflect any blame, explaining:

They were like, ‘A tourist in a Maserati…’ And I was like, ‘No, there was no Maserati.’ The tourist took his car, rented a Maserati, and drove the car down the steps and broke – he basically did the stuff we didn’t want to do, and broke the steps. I was there last week. They repaired them. But I was like, ‘No, we’re not guilty! No one saw us doing anything! That’s not us. The trailer was not out. We didn’t inspire anyone.’

Sometimes, even in the world of The Fast and Furious franchise, life imitates art. Granted, no one is likely to try and match any of the greatest Fast & Furious stunt sequences that we have compiled. And you likely won’t be going to space any time soon. But the Maserati experience was just another indicator to Leterrier that Fast X, and all the films that came before it, have a tremendous influence over moviegoers… and that should continue for two more films

Jason Momoa stands on a ledge, arms open and welcoming chaos, in Fast X.

(Image credit: Universal)

Louis Leterrier trained for this moment.

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