2023 Met Gala: Our Review


Did anyone wake up today with a heightened sense of purpose? Did it almost feel like the most boujee Christmas morning there was? Yep, the 2023 Met Gala is upon us and I’m convinced Anna Wintour sprinkles something in the air every year to make it feel so special.

It’s fashion’s biggest night, and it normally proves to be the talk of the town…obviously, there’s going to be criticism of the Karl Lagerfeld-copycats all night long. Our editors are going to be commenting all night long on the good, the bad and the ugly on everyone’s take on “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.”

This Met Gala is going to be sustainable – recycled Karl Lagerfeld originals mixed with brands Karl had worked with like Fendi and Chanel. Rihanna already served us a look last night wearing a Chanel look perfectly matching this iconic theme.

As I’m poised on my couch, sipping on a glass of wine…I’m feeling extra ready to break down the night. I’m ready to gossip. Let’s get to it.

6:37 PM:

JP: We are rolling out the first celebs on the red carpet and it’s already been a trip. Ke Huy Quan wearing the classic Karl Lagerfeld fingerless leather gloves…a lot of black and white and classic tuxedos. Emily Ratajkowski and Rita Ora are current front-runners for my favorite looks of the night so far.

And we have our first outfit repeaters: Olivia Wilde and Margaret Zhang are matching! I don’t know if I’ve seen this happen before.

LKC: Was this on purpose? Were they dressed by the same person? It reminds me of Stella McCartney’s opening looks last year.

My guess for the person being carried out encased? Kim Kardashian on the move.

6:50 PM:

JP: I could seriously kill for Naomi Campbell’s hair. If someone could drop an easy routine that gets me the glassy sleek hair, plus that “vintage” 2010 Chanel look? Stop it. It’s elegant and classic all wrapped into one.

LKC: MOTHER!!! MOTHER!!! SHE’S MOTHERING!! Okay, that’s the last time I’ll be this annoying (she says, insanely early in the night).

Speaking of gorgeous supermodels….newly single, divorce dressed Gisele Bundchen is slaying the house down. She’s giving angel in a 2007 Chanel bridal gown. If there is one thing I’d love, it’s to walk around in a floor-length feather cape all the time.

7:15 PM:

Rami Malek bored me, but the real showstopper tonight is Brian Tyree Henry. It’s everything we needed and more down to the flouncy cape and pearls galore.

If there is any serve I’d like to serve, it’s Jessica Chastain’s blonde hair (or wig?) and sunglasses. The high over-the-elbow-gloves are perfect.

LKC: One of my favorite songs ever begins with the lyric, “I just want to live a day as a blonde — I’d look like Jessica Chastain.” What did he know?

AAANNNNNDDD Doja Cat is literally Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette. Why didn’t I see this coming? I don’t know. I can’t even form a normal thought here. I can’t believe my eyes.

LKC: I want to hate it … but it’s one of the first things giving “Met” tonight.

8:02 PM

JP: What I love about Billie Eilish and FINNEAS is that they always commit to the theme and execute it well. And unfortunately, I enjoy Jared Leto’s chiffon look underneath the all-too-realistic Choupette costume. It was both off-putting and then pleasantly surprising.

LKC: “Unfortunate” really is the word for the Choupette of it all. Apparently, Lizzo said she thought she hallucinated the moment he pulled off the head. I laughed at that.

One thing about Jared Leto, he will bring a head to the Met Gala (see: Notes on Camp, 2019). But who will bring Jared Leto to justice?

8:27 PM:

JP: Kylie. Jenner. Looks amazing. I love the structure of the dress and the gorgeous red color. Kendall Jenner looks like she’s about to perform “Reputation” at Eras Tour.

LKC: REPUTATION! She’s giving “Look What You Made Me Do” to the people who said the KarJenners wouldn’t be at the Met this year.

If there’s one thing about the Hadid sisters…they’ll always come to the Met Gala dressed to the theme and owning it. Gigi’s look tonight has everything – lace, corsets, extensions. Maybe I just love pearl detailing tonight, but I think everything looks so grunge-chic.

LKC: One of my favorite looks of the night. The grunge of it all. The details. It’s doing a lot but it still feels really light and gorgeous. Her best look since Heavenly Bodies, in my opinion. In her own words from last year, “Slay Mama. Big slay. Major Slay”

LKC: Anok Yai always pulls off some of the best looks of the night and we never talk about them enough. Like Karl WISHES he could have actually had anything to do with this vision. I love her. She is perfect.

LKC: Kristen has been a victim of her Chanel contract for too long. But this Men’s Resort look is the first time it has paid off. The bell has just tolled on gendered dressing. Kristen Stewart killed it.

LKC: If you’re talking about the “old money aesthetic” and not talking about this? I don’t want it. Brava Halle Bailey. She’s giving old Hollywood — ushering in her movie era, perhaps?

LKC: Baby THIS is Keke Palmer! We missed her as a host, but oh God do we love her as a guest!

LKC: I got chills at the contrast between the colors here. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade are on their Parents of the Year press tour and you know what, good for them. One of my favorite couple’s looks of the night.

LKC: The moment we were all waiting for! Rihanna has arrived at the Met! And oh! my! GOD! She looks like the most gorgeous wedding cake. I mean, after yesterday she had already won the weekend and this look solidified it. Sorry to that man (A$AP Rocky, the father of her children) being ignored behind her.

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