A Small Light Showrunner Discusses The Goal To ‘Take The Cobwebs’ Off Miep Gies Beyond The Diary Of Anne Frank


A new limited series is coming to television that will take viewers back to the era of Anne Frank, and A Small Light will focus on a person featured in The Diary of Anne Frank whose story had yet to be told in-depth on screen: Miep Gies. The project was in the works for more than half a decade before the premiere on National Geographic, and co-creator/co-showrunner/writer Joan Rater opened up about the six years of research that went into crafting a series based on Miep Gies’ story and the important goal for doing so. 

Joan Rater (also known for projects including Grey’s Anatomy and the renewed Fire Country) spoke with CinemaBlend at SCAD TVfest in Atlanta earlier this year, and she discussed the project centered on Miep Gies, starting with what made her want to tell the story of the remarkable woman who hid Anne Frank and her family. Rater shared:

I had heard about Miep years ago, and I was always struck by her, because she was the person who found the diary… and was sort of the ambassador of the diary after Otto Frank died, so I knew of Miep. But then I went to the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam, and a plaque caught my eye, which was that Miep was very young. She was [Otto Frank’s] secretary, this young secretary, when Otto Frank said, ‘Will you help hide my family?’ I just thought, we mythologize Anne Frank and Miep and these people, but Miep was just a girl working for a guy when he said, ‘Will you save my life?’ And [I wanted to tell] that story, with the desire to take the cobwebs, the historical sort of artifice off the story.

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