Indiana Jones’ Ke Huy Quan Reacts To Fans Calling For Him To Return As Short Round In Dial Of Destiny


Ke Huy Quan has been getting a lot of positive attention ever since his Oscar-winning role in Everything Everywhere All At Once. While Quan stepped away from acting for a long time, over the last year he’s been the talk of the town as a new generation gets to know him, and others remember him for his roles as Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Data in The Goonies. His debut role as a young child actor still resonates with the fans, and they’ve made it clear they wanted to see him return as Indy’s sidekick in the 2023 movie schedule’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Now, the actor has responded to the fan’s wishes for him to return to the iconic franchise. 

When Ke Huy Quan was only 12 years old, he was cast as Indiana Jones’ young sidekick Short Round in Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. With this Best Actor winner receiving a lot of media attention after his memorable Oscar win, fans have been demanding that he reprise his iconic role in Dial of Destiny. Now, the 51-year-old actor opened up to ET about the love for his character, and if we should expect a cameo, saying:

I want to say [yes], but no. Here’s the thing. I don’t want to disappoint the fans. I’ve joked about it all the time, but reuniting with Harrison after 38 years, that was very special.

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