Video Premiere: Blindfolded and Led to the Woods


Blindfolded and Led to the Woods

Photo courtesy of Hudson Visuals

New Zealand-based proggy tech death gurus Blindfolded and Led to the Woods just released a video for the track “Caustic Burns,” taken their forthcoming album Rejecting Obliterations, out May 19 via Prosthetic Records.

The record showcases themes of grief and trauma as residents of their hometown of Christchurch struggle with natural disaster, domestic terror, and mental health issues.

About the new track, the band offers: “‘Caustic Burns’ utilizes dissonance, its grinding pace, and a thread of complex melody all within that unique, cross-genre sound we are becoming known for to tell a story that embodies early 2000’s, grimey, dark thriller films through the lens of Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception. Visions, deities, murder, trips, and twists. Musically, it’s Ulcerate vs. Cephalic Carnage vs Spawn of Possession. Story-wise, it’s David Lynch vs David Fincher.

“Life, death, purpose and perception are the cyclical points of experience and reciprocal suffering for which ‘Caustic Burns’ exists within. You inhaled me deeply and held your breath, I inhale you deeply and hold my breath.”

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