Ride’s Tiera Skovbye Dishes on Missy’s Relationship with Cash and Her New Frontier Gig


Tiera Skovbye has played many dramatic roles on television, including Robyn on Once Upon a Time and Polly Cooper on Riverdale. Playing Missy McMurray on Ride challenged her because it was different than her previous roles.

TV Fanatic chatted with Tiera about what’s relatable about the female-forward series, Missy’s potential romance with Cash, and Missy’s Frontier gig.

Check out the interview below.

Hi Tiera. I’ve been a big fan of yours. Can you tell me your favorite part of playing Missy McMurray so far?

I have loved playing Missy. She’s such a dynamic character with so much going on. She’s dealing with grief and self-discomfort and figuring out who she is, what she wants, and her passions. Playing her has just been so much fun because there’s so much to work with.

Missy, Isabel, and Valera are strong women trying to rebuild their lives. How do you think that resonates with audiences?

It resonates with audiences because they can see these strong women fighting for their land, family, and each other. It’s a beautiful story showing strength, perseverance, love, grace, and hope. That’s something that we need in the world right now.

Do you think Missy’s issues with her mom have made her closer to Isabel and the ranch?

I think so. Missy’s mom never accepted a part of her that was important to her. She always felt like she was letting her mom down or not following in the world that her mom wanted her to be a part of.

So, when she goes to the ranch and is accepted for who she is and championed for wanting to be a trick rider and be in this world, it bonds her with Isabel because she’s supported for being who she is and loving what she loves.

When do you think Missy will stop denying her feelings for Cash?

That’s complicated because Missy and Cash have known each other their whole lives. They know each other better than anybody, and unfortunately, they’re connected and have mutual grief over Austin.

He’s always there in their shadow, so it’s hard for them to accept that there could be something there because there’s so much guilt looming alongside it.

I absolutely agree. Although, I love the chemistry and connection you have with Beau [Mirchoff, who plays Cash].

Yes, Beau is fantastic.

How would you describe the relationship between Missy, Cash, and Gus? It’s not quite a traditional love triangle.

No, there’s a lot of drama there because Gus comes in, and it’s complicated because it’s not just Missy. He also wants a part of the land, which is a complex dynamic because he’s working with Isabel but needs a better reputation.

It’s complicated because Cash is very protective of Missy and wants her to be happy, but at the same time, he’s clearly harboring feelings. So, it’s complicated when someone else comes in.

And how has it been working with Tyler [Jacob Moore, who plays Gus]?

Great. Tyler is so sweet and so wonderful, and it’s been enjoyable.

On Ride Season 1 Episode 5, you bring Cash to a Frontier event. Does that mean you’ve smoothed things over with Frontier, or will Cash be your good luck charm?

Missy’s trying to work the sponsorship, the bull riding, and the coaching from all angles and work it to their advantage.

Have you ridden horses before, or do you get to do some trick riding?

I don’t do trick riding because that’s incredibly hard. We have some fantastic stunt doubles and performers who do bull riding and trick riding or professionals and have been doing it for years.

I had ridden a horse before but not with any technique. So, when I booked this, I went to Calgary two weeks earlier, and they taught me how to ride and acquainted me with my horse.

That ended up being my horse for the whole show. I learned proper technique, and it was enjoyable.

What can else can you tease that Missy will have to conquer this season?

She has to conquer many dynamics with different relationships, friendships, and new people coming into that whole bull riding world and having to conquer some of her past traumas.

A lot is coming down the pipe for Missy.

What will your fans like the most?

They are going to see all the characters unfold, finding out more about their backstory and their history, and we’ll see them start to connect things that pop up that make it really hard for them to move forward.

New episodes of Rise Season 1 air at 9/8c on Sundays on the Hallmark Channel.

Laura Nowak is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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