Marty Friedman Has No Regrets About Not Reuniting with Megadeth—Really


In a recent interview, Marty Friedman claims that he has no regrets about the Rust In Piece-era Megadeth lineup not resurfacing. But not in a shady way. He has no regrets overall and is at peace with how things have played out.

“The Rust In Peace thing was very interesting, the idea,” he says. “Whatever it took to make that happen wasn’t there at the time, so it just didn’t happen. But I don’t have any regrets at all.

“I don’t regret anything that I did in the band,” Friedman adds. “And I think that what they’ve done in my absence has been very, very good. I’m their biggest fan and proud of them for continuing to be a force in the kind of music that Megadeth’s set out to make. I mean, that’s not easy to do for decades, so I’m proud of them.”

He also admitted in Dave Mustaine’s recent book, Rust In Peace: The Inside Story Of The Megadeth Masterpiece, that he turned down the chance to reunite partially due to wanting a bigger financial offer, according to Blabbermouth:

“My main thing was I’d be happy to do it, but I’m not going to take less money than I’m already making to do it,” Marty says.

“I’d been in Japan for more than ten years cultivating a career with solid rewards. I was making money not only for myself but also for my management and staff. My manager has been with me 15 years.

Overall, we’re not surprised that finances had something to do with it when it comes to the Megadeth camp, but it’s good to know that overall, Friedman doesn’t have any big regrets that the classic lineup never got back together.

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