Magnum P.I. Star Jay Hernandez Previews The ‘Complicated’ And Action-Packed Spring Finale: ‘It Should Make People Nervous


Magnum P.I. left viewers on a doozy of a cliffhanger with the explosive episode that leads into the Season 5 spring finale on April 23. With T.C. being shot, Det. Childs possibly being blown up, and Magnum unaware that the mercenaries identified him and his friends, there are some big questions in need of answers. Fortunately, star Jay Hernandez spoke with CinemaBlend to preview the upcoming finale, and fans should apparently be nervous about what’s on the way.

The spring finale is called “Charlie Foxtrot,” and comes on the heels of an episode that also put Higgins through the hallucinatory wringer on top of what happened to T.C. and Childs, with Jay Hernandez sharing his thoughts on what Magnum would have made of what she saw when overloaded with drugs. Although the star of course wasn’t going to drop huge spoilers about what’s going to go down, Hernandez previewed an action-packed episode on April 23… and some complications, saying:

There’s a lot of action, obviously. [That] kind of goes without saying. We’ll see the resolutions [and] find out what happens to T.C.. They like to go big on these finales, and this is a midseason finale, which is a little different. [laughs] I don’t want to spoil it, but Detective Childs is in a complicated situation. There’s a lot of action. It’s a lot of fun. 509, the prior episode, is a bit dark, so in classic sort of Magnum P.I. fashion, it’s going to end on a lighter note, which is good. People don’t have to get too worried that the tone of the show is going to shift drastically.

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