Body-Positivity TV Show Slammed With Hundreds Of Complaints For Showing Fully Nude Models To Teen Students


Censorship can be a tricky subject, as anything from profanity to nudity could be argued as vital to the content shown on the 2023 TV schedule, or any time in general. Context is the key, and that’s something that the Channel 4 series Naked Education has been struggling with on a frequent basis. The latest standoff saw the series slammed with hundreds of complaints, this time for showing fully nude models to teen students in an incident that’s been called “The Penis Episode.” 

As reported by The Sun, this week’s 159 complaints were anything but nice for Naked Education’s public image, thanks to this week’s show focusing on the penis. That’s on top of the 208 complaints filed last week, all of which were sent to the UK broadcast regulatory board Ofcom. 

A group of teens sat at school desks on Naked Education.

(Image credit: Channel 4)

The debate over this show’s merits are focused on the content being ”pre-watershed nudity and nudity in front of children aged 14-16,” with many calling for it to be pulled from television. While those are valid points, it must also be said that the aim of this program isn’t obviously aimed at salacious boundary-pushing. 

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