The Resident Finale Sneak Peek: Sammie’s Life Hangs in the Balance!


Our hearts are already in our chests over Sami’s life hanging in the balance!

If you thought The Resident Season 6 Episode 12 was intense, they’re coming in hot with the second part of the finale, The Resident Season 6 Episode 13, when Sammie is rushed to Chastain after getting sick on the plane.

And we need Sammie to be okay!

When we lost saw Sammie, she was on the plane with Jake and Greg as the family was coming into town to visit Kitbell and attend Gigi’s sixth birthday.

And with a family of doctors and Chastain’s reputation, you can bet Jake rushed his daughter to see her grandparents as soon as they stepped foot off of that plane.

Sammie already has a terrifying history after nearly passing away many years ago because of her cancer.

One can only hope that whatever is wrong with her, it’s not beyond Chastain’s finest.

The hour’s title is “All Hands on Deck,” and that’s what everyone will require if they must juggle saving sweet Sami and the hospital via Betz.

Of course, Sammie’s case may require the hands of the recently departed Ian, right?

Do you think this will be a shot at redemption for him?

Because in the clip, we see that things are dire for Sammie, and she faces a collapsed lung.

Conrad and the others work to help her, and a worried Bell is beside himself over the whole ordeal.

If Sammie requires the best, it might mean a call to Ian, but will he be able to show up in time? Will things change if he comes clean? Will he come clean?

It’s not only Sami’s life in the balance but Governor Betz’s too.

AJ and Conrad strike a deal with him that challenges their ethics, but it’s for the greater good of Chastain.

The problem with dealing with the devil is not knowing if he’ll keep up his end of the bargain. Of course, if the surgery doesn’t go well at all, it’ll be all for naught.

We better hope The Raptor can pull off a miracle!

Gigi has had a lot of loss for someone so young, and Bell is already going through it with his MS battles and other things.

For all of our sakes, but especially theirs, let’s hope Sammie makes it out of this finale alive and we don’t have heartbreak in the near future.

The Resident still hasn’t been renewed yet, which is nerve-wracking, so hopefully, they won’t leave things on a cliffhanger or a sad note.

We scored an exclusive sneak peek at the pulse-pounding finale.

Get your first look at Sammie and the state of her condition below, and sound off with all of your thoughts, theories, predictions, and hopes in the comments.

The season finale of The Resident airs tonight at 8/7c on FOX.

You DON’T want to miss it! Don’t forget to return immediately after for our full review!

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