Why Slots Aren’t Likely to Become Live Dealer Games


If you’ve played at online casinos for any length of time, you may be wondering, “where are all the live slots?”. After all, if there are live dealer blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and table poker games, coupled with a myriad of money-wheel, game show and number-betting games, surely there are live slots out there to play? Oddly enough, there aren’t – at least not in any major sense. There isn’t like to be in the future, either. Let’s find out why.

A World Filled with Live Dealer Games

Pop into any online casino, and you’ll find live casino collections ranging from petite to immense. Some of these libraries have just a single baccarat game and solo blackjack and roulette titles. It is not surprising to see live slots absent from these collections. What about when a casino features live games from a dozen developers, including all the major ones? Where are the live slots, then? They aren’t there, and they aren’t coming. Allow us to explain.

Why Are There No Live Dealer Slots

The primary reason that there are no live dealer slots is quite straightforward. Unlike most live dealer games, slots do not need a host. Since their inception, slots have been “video-based” games, using screens and algorithms to dictate randomness and how each spin ends up. Therefore, there isn’t really a human element to slots – there’s no need for a live dealer. Furthermore, there is the problem of how, logistically, a live slot would work. As slots are designed to be played by one player, never more, this just doesn’t work.

There Are Those Who’ve Tried

Don’t get us wrong – there have been attempts to make this software work. Most of this work has gone on in the social gaming sphere, though. It hasn’t really emerged in the online casino world, where most developers have already realized that such a venture is futile. That said, we should also point out that the live slots you can find on social media and mobile apps aren’t proper gambling games, nor are they “live” in the same sense that live dealer casino games are. They use entirely different tech and don’t rely on video streams but on avatars. In short, they are just another digital, RNG-based game.

Will We Ever Play Live Dealer Slots?

It is highly unlikely that you’ll ever play live dealer slots at online casinos. There just isn’t any practical way to do this, and even if there was, they wouldn’t be much different from RNG games. There doesn’t appear to be a market for this type of live dealer game, even if it could be done. However, this doesn’t mean that slots can’t evolve.

The Real Future of Slot Games

Slots have been evolving ever since the Liberty Bell. We’ve seen classic slots turn to fruit machines to pub fruits, to video slots, online, mobile, and, more recently, crypto slots. It is not unimaginable that slots will evolve further. We’d imagine that the next pathway for slots involves VR slot gameplay (and we’re already seeing headway made in this area) rather than live dealer games. This is another perfectly suitable way of bringing extra realism and an atmosphere to slot gameplay.

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