Animal Kingdom Sneak Peek: Julia Catches Baz in the Act!


Brace yourselves, Animal Kingdom Fanatics.

Only three episodes remain in the series, and the Codys’ final chapter promises a hell of a ride.

The Codys aren’t the only ones who know how to score. TV Fanatic scored an exclusive sneak peek of Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 11, and it’s juicy.

A lot is happening in the present now that Pope is in prison for murder, and the others are orchestrating a prison break to get him out.

It’s more complicated when you factor in that J is making ulterior plans behind his uncles’ backs.

While Craig and Deran are all in on busting Pope out and going on the run, leaving Oceanside and what’s left of their kingdom behind, J has other plans.

J has worked hard to climb the ranks and take over.

He made it his mission, and he’s not inclined to leave everything he built behind. If that means putting Pope in the ground, he’s willing to make that call.

There may not be any love lost when it comes to his mother’s twin.

It’s a stark contrast to Julia’s approach with Pope as they were growing up.

The 1992 flashbacks have been shading in some of the background, namely exploring the dynamics among Smurf, Baz, Julia, and Pope.

Fans have been clamoring to learn more about Julia and Baz’s dynamic as the question of whether or not he really was J’s father has loomed over the series for years.

We’ve caught glimpses of how the relationship between Julia and Baz began and its effect on Pope and Smurf.

The growing uneasiness and tension between Julia and Smurf have given us better insight into how Julia got ostracized from the rest of the family.

And we’ve learned that Baz is Julia’s first love.

However, there are also hints that the feelings weren’t mutual for Baz.

Baz’s obsession with Smurf has sparked plenty of conversation as their bond has subtle sexual undertones.

And if there was any doubt that Baz may not feel the same about Julia, this sneak peek may quell that.

It appears as though Julia is once again stuck on babysitting duty as she heads to Baz’s new condo, gifted to him by Smurf.

She has Deran and Craig in tow as they appear to be headed for some surfing.

However, what she finds in Baz’s place changes everything for her.

In the clip, Baz doesn’t respond to Julia’s calls as she and the kids enter the condo.

But Baz is a bit preoccupied based on the noises that are coming from his bedroom.

What happens next is a shocking confrontation that likely changes the nature of their relationship forever.

One thing is for certain, Julia Cody can hold her own!

Check out the clip below to get the full picture.

What are your thoughts and theories leading into the final episodes? We’d love to hear them!

An all-new Animal Kingdom airs this Sunday at 9/8c on TNT.

Don’t forget to check back in with us for a full review and watch Animal Kingdom online to catch up!

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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