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Rising superstar Sammi Rae has just released her debut single “Why Was It So Easy” via Tribeca Records, a SohoJohnny Enterprise, and is already receiving rave reviews and a grand audience response.

Samantha Rachel Murciano known by her stage name Sammi Rae, is a New York based solo recording artist whose compelling songs and soulful voice makes her irresistible. Coming from Moroccan descent, Sammi Rae is a triple threat having modeled and having appeared as an actress in various independent films as well as being vocally accomplished.

Just coming off of being featured on Wonderama, which airs on November 6, 2021, Sammi Rae has a bright future. I shared some questions and answers with her …so world meet Sammi Rae.

When and what first inspired you to start singing and recording?

I started singing about 5 years ago. I always loved to sing, so I started going to the studio and recording covers. Then I started writing my own music and when I released my first song Reflection, I had someone reach out to me who gave me the opportunity to sing at The Bitter End in the city. When I went and performed, I realized that being on stage in front of an audience was an amazing feeling. That’s when I knew this was my passion and what I wanted to do.

When you write your songs are you influenced by any other artists?

For me I look at each song individually rather than the artist. That’s how I look at songs to get my inspiration. Someone like James Arthur, who I love, his music has a lot of emotional metaphors. I feel like most of my songs I write about are inspired by the things I’ve gone through, exploring the emotional part of my personal experiences when I write.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Of course singing… performing all around the world to be able to inspire others to follow their dreams and to not let anyone tell them they can’t do something. Follow my passion. That is most important to me.

If you could have your ultimate stage fantasy, what would it be?

I’d like to perform in Madison Square Garden, that would be amazing….or collaborate with a huge artist.

When you’re not doing music, what do you like to do?

To be honest music is what I’m always doing. I’m always working on my music or singing. I also enjoy acting, I have been in a couple of independent movies.

Do you think that music has the power to change the world?

Yes, I feel like through lyrics you can definitely get a message across to people. I feel like that’s such a positive way to inspire people through your lyrics. So, when people are going through difficult times, they can use music to help them get through it. So yes, I think music has the power to change the world.

What have been your biggest challenges?

I definitely have gone through a lot in the business, but bullying is something that I also went through, so I have a lot of music about that. I have had struggles with relationships….that is what some of my songs are about also. So much of that is in my music because I want to be able to relate to others and help people that are going through the same thing. I want them to know that things will get better. So, follow your passion because having music for me as an outlet has definitely been helpful for me. I know that could be helpful for others as well.

I can’t see how a pretty girl like yourself going through high school was bullied?

It was definitely hard. But like I said having the music was very helpful for me because when everyone was telling me “you can’t do this“ or for whatever reason they did what they did…. I finally got through it and didn’t let it bother me. I now feel that I am able to inspire others to hopefully not go through what I went through, and if they are…. it will get better. I hope they can get strong from it because everything I went through has helped shape me to be who I am today.

What have been your biggest triumphs so far?

I feel like I have accomplished a decent amount in the time that I have been singing. I love just being able to perform for a crowd and have an audience. That makes me happy as well as sharing my music with others. Then recently being signed to a record label, Tribeca Records, is a big accomplishment for me too. I just want to be able to continue to share my music which is the most important thing to me.

Aside from music what is most important to you ?


If you could be a brand new color in a box for 64 crayons, what color would you be and why?

If I could be a brand new color in a box of crayons it would be “Sammi’s Rae” the color being gold. Rae standing for ray of sunshine in hopes that I can bring light to people’s lives.

If you could have me ask you any question in the world what would it be, and how would you answer it.

If you could ask me any question in the world it would be, what about music makes me the happiest?
My answer would be, I love everything about making music but most importantly, what makes me the happiest is knowing that I am able to write meaningful and inspirational music that can help others. That’s what makes me feel the happiest.

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