That Emotional Port Authority Scene Was Almost Completely Different


It actually got cut down a lot, but originally there was a scene where Paul breaks into his sister’s flat and then he’s reenacting meeting for the first time and her saying something different to what she actually says. She’s like, ’What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be on probation, you can’t just turn up’ that kind of thing. And then in that scene, which got cut down quite a lot, it was him going, running through a whole conversation with her on either side of the door. So walking back and forth from the side of the door and acting as her, saying, ‘It’s really good to see you, come have a seat.’ So I thought that was a really, really moving and interesting scene because it was just Paul totally alone, not trying to show off to anyone and kind of really just bearing his soul in what you really wished he could hear and what he needed, really.

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