Emily Blunt’s Quiet Place Part 2 Bus Stunt Was ‘So Real,’ John Krasinski Feared He Was ‘Putting His Marriage On The Line’


There will be mild spoilers for A Quiet Place Part II in this story, so stop reading now if you want to go into the movie as clean as possible.

One of my favorite elements about the two A Quiet Place films to date is how much John Krasinski tries to do practically, and even in camera. Of course, his alien threats are done with CGI when they have to be shown on screen. But Krasinki can wring sufficient tension out of the quiet of his surroundings, or the threat of potential noise, without having to go all in on an effects budget. But one shot from A Quiet Place Part II that is featured heavily in the sequel’s trailer will blow your mind when you learn that Krasinski nailed it in one take… and threw his wife, Emily Blunt, and some kid actors into the deep end.

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